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Auto Insurance

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Every driver needs to carry car insurance. This is part of the reason you are bombarded with advertisements for bargain auto insurance every time you watch television or surf the internet. However, large national insurance companies don’t always share the whole story with consumers. Value matters. The lowest rates don’t always translate into the best bargain when it comes to insurance.

At McCoy-Holliston Insurance, we work with customers to provide the best value possible for their vehicle coverage needs. By getting to know you, we can help you determine what car insurance you will need in the event of an accident. Then we’ll research your options to find an insurance carrier that offers the best pricing for your situation.

Value in Car Insurance

The minimum legal requirements for car insurance in any state may not be enough to help you get back on the road after an accident. If you hit a pedestrian, a cycler or another vehicle while carrying only the minimum liability coverage, you will be held personally responsible to cover additional medical expenses as well as pay for damages not covered by your insurance policy.

Our insurance agents understand the risks and benefits of various auto policy options. When assessing your auto insurance needs, we'll take into account:

  • The age of insured drivers
  • The number of insured drivers
  • The number of passengers
  • Average mileage driven
  • Make and model of insured vehicles
  • Types of vehicle use
  • The age of the insured vehicle
  • Amount owed on the vehicle

Since we work with many different auto insurance carriers, we are often able to find discounted rates based on your specific situation. Available discounts may include

  • Good student discounts
  • Safe driver discounts
  • Discounts based on use of a vehicle
  • Discounts based on type of vehicle
  • Multi policy discounts
  • Multi vehicle discounts
  • Discounts based on vehicle storage

Don’t make a costly mistake when selecting auto insurance. Let us do the research for you and help you find the right policy to cover yourself, your automobile and your passengers. Call today to learn more.

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